Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Card Wrangle

What do you all do with all those Christmas cards, after the season? I couldn't bear tossing them, for some reason this all went by too quick. So, I just wanted to show you what I did with them all.....

I had some great red/white twine left over from the gifts, and I used my handy-dandy hole puncher to punch each one.

Did you have a favorite card? This was mine. My littlest bro and his great wife and daughter. They just had their second baby, this month. My other brother (the one who's photography blog I've highlighted here before) took their pics....super adorbs.

Anyway, back to "weaving"....I just kept weaving the twine thru the hole punched in all the left top corner. Also known as upper left corner. Ha!

Tied 'er up, labeled the date, and filed under "Family" in our personal files. Hopefully, I'll remember to do this for years to come.

What is your Christmas card "philosophy"? Read once, toss? Keep for the season and toss? File? Decoupage on a bench? Line kitty litter boxes? What else is there?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day(s)

Remember how I said, "I'm back!"....well, then it started snowing on Sunday, and I've pretty much been in here ever since. Two trips to Safeway, and that's it. Seattle has gotten record snowfall this week, and we've been the laughing stock of the country for our lack of "snow prowess", but, oh's a picture out my front door:

We're having a blast sleeing down our big hills and eating all sorts of junk food....catch ya on the flip side!