Haven Design Services

Where do you begin? Choose paint first? Choose fabric first? Not sure, so you buy a candle. Yes, this is how most people decorate. Its not easy, but it is fun!

Come visit my design posts to get some tips and tricks on finding design inspiration through color, fabrics, art, and textures.

Contact me here, for design services:
laurenneal (at) comcast (dot) net

Design Services and Rates:

Color Consult (1.5hr min) $50/hour

Fabric Selection/Consultation (1.5hr min, w/ shopping) $50/hour

Initial Decor Consult (2hr min) $150

Partial Decor layout w/ idea board $200 (separate from initial design consult)

Full Decor layout w/ full resources presented: $450 (initial design consult separate)

Staging $50/hour
       -suggestions made w/o working alongside
       -working alongside, hourly rate applies

**I do not do full professional organizing, but some, in the process of staging is fine. I can refer out for a professional organizer.
** I am not an architect or trained, licensed designer. I will not consult on designs requiring major structural or permited work. Please consult with an architect/contractor prior to contacting me. I primarily do soft goods, and color consulting.