Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Making of a Bed Skirt: "Faux-Sew"

So, this is all because I lack an insane amount of patience...and I'm somewhat cheap.

I could've sent this fabric off to Sue, the seamstress, but no no no....I have to do it myself...faster!

Actually, I think I'm up for it, so I might as well see if this works.

I started off measuring the exact dimensions of Peyton's box spring. It is a full (52" x 73"). I cut down a queen sheet to those dimensions. See here:

Then, I got my trusty stitch witchery (fuseable webbing?) to set the fabric to the sheet like this:

You just iron the fabric to the sheet

You can see the sides starting to take shape.

Then, the measurement of the skirt needed to be 16" (finished)...pretty close!

Finished product....

I think it looks pretty good!


mel_twitchell said...

Is the fuseable webbing strong enough to last time and wear and pull? Curious because I would love to make a bed skirt and not spend tons of money on it!

haven said...

Hey Melissa,
No, I wouldn't say that this is super durable. However, our bedskirts don't get a lot of pulling on. If you wanted a no sew option other than stitch witchery, I'd say to use fabric glue. It works just as easily, but even easier and it holds a little better. I used this because I thought I'd sew it after (just using the witchery to hold a straight line), but it ended up holding good enough. Good luck!!

Erin McGinnis said...

Lauren you are SO talented. I love the fabric you used for the bed skirt!! SO cute! Great job.

haven said...

Aw, thanks, Erin!! Thanks for checking out the blog.

Kris said...

very cute, and great work around, not having to get the sewing machine out and set up saves time and looks great!