Friday, May 6, 2011

Silhouette Art

This little gem is for Miss Avery's room, which is also coming together nicely. I wanted an original piece of art over her "new" (previously Peyton's brass bed) bed.

I have loved silhouette art for a long time, and wanted to incorporate it into one of the girls' rooms. So, here's what we did....

1. Peyton held the flashlight, while Avery held "still" against the wall (the hardest part of this entire project!). I drew her outline on a piece of paper taped to the wall. Apparently she has a big head, so it required two pieces of paper. Here is what I was left with after I cut it out:

Isn't that cute? Then, after painting the wall the new shade of pink, I used this frame (bye bye Mr Peter Rabbit, Avery's all grown up!)

I just disassembled it, so its minus the print, glass, and ribbon. I just hung it on the wall, over the bed, then traced the silhouette of Avery, like this:

(sorry if this is hard to see....)

Then, using a contrasting color (just acrylic paint from Michael' own mix), I painted in the drawing on the wall, for this result:

 (note to self: don't mix blue paint on a blue plate. duh!)

I've toyed with the idea of hot glueing a fake little flower in the "hair" on the wall, but haven't quite decided if that's the right look yet. I think I might look for some coordinating ribbon to "faux hang" it again, as it was before. I love it!

Her curtains are still off being made, but the room is coming together really nicely!

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