Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Gift Idea

Shhhh.....Don't tell Dad. This is what I just had sent to my Dad for Father's Day this year. I think he's really going to love them. Fran's Chocolates are sooooo good, and I've been on a Salted Caramel kick lately. Sweet, dark chocolate with a tad of salt...soooo good......Here's hoping they make it to hotter-than-hell Alabama, intact. They do 2day Fed Ex, so it should be good to go....

I first had these a few weeks ago, but first got turned onto Salted Caramels at one of my favorite Seattle area restaurants, Purple, a few months ago. When I tasted the chocolate, I thought I was going to die! Sooooo good.....get it? They're good!

Ok, let's see...what else can I promote....this is like using spelling words in a sentence when I was in 4th grade. How many links can you use in one posting?? Ha!

Go hug your dad, and love on the father of your children. Dads are great...they make life fun!!

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