Monday, June 27, 2011

Ikea Hackers

Stop the presses!!!
No, I'm serious.
I have been striving for about 10 years to "de-Ikea" our house, thinking that you just couldn't do much with the semi-cheap, very transitional furniture and accessories.
How wrong can one person be?
Enter Ikea Hackers.....a website where people contribute ideas on how to make Ikea merchandise more usable, and creative......Check out some of the things they've done....

Frame lights, or Light frames...

Table for double high-chairs

Half chairs as art/Hooks for clothes, in boys room...just hang your coat on the back of the "chair".

The classic Expedit shelf converted to rodent home....I mean, c'mon. That's ingenious... 

Sand down that generic Ikea wood, and make it rustic. It looks like something out of West Elm.

Why use a whole mirror when half will do, especially if you can use it as the door to the medicine cabinet....

Check out this great site. Such cool ideas!

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Rosie said...

Love this Lauren!! Great ideas! I had to laugh...the Rodent unit reminds me of something I did when our grand babies were small and coming to our house several days a week. I took an old 8 ft. IKEA shelf unit and turned it on it's side against a wall. The munchkins could stand and play with all the Little People toys on the long "counter" top and we stored all their books and other more vertical toys in the shelving worked really great and I was pleased how much space it saved in the room for other things, like their play kitchen and tool work sets, and a small table to do puzzles and have tea parties on. :) Oh the memories!