Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living with my Living Room

As I shared in my pillow making post, I've been trying to work with the living room, and I think I may have hit pay-dirt, as they say. How's that for a run on sentence.....Let's start with the after:

Here are some shots of the befores, to jog the memory....

WOW! What an alarmingly horrible picture! Who took this? Not me. And, not w/ the new camera...ugh.That's a true "before".

Here it is, as of June 1st, with a new, fresh coat of paint. Benj Moore, HC 77 (Alexandria Beige)...Lurve!
So so warm with this stone.

Pre-paint, but with new Ikea Ektorp chairs (can't shake a stick at $199 each!)

Added this sunburst mirror. I love how the gold color blends so well with the stone. I didn't want it to "stand out", but it still makes a statement.

Here are my little gold trees (used to be on my mantel, at the old house). Not sure they'll stay here, but....they do look great against the paint color. We re-hung the kids' photos, and added some Uppercase Living medallions. See this post, for photo tutorial

This little mustard color table was found in Snohomish (a little town I love!), in the back of the basement at Joyworks, for only $20!! Yeah!

Re-framed this pencil drawing (I did this in my senior yr art class, aka 1993!) Post forthcoming.

I'm happy with how this room came together. We're going to move these chairs up to our bedroom, someday, when we can "afford" nicer upholstered chairs in here, but these are great placeholders, and are so bright and crisp with all the other darker features.

I can be found in here reading blogs, while drinking coffee, while gabbing on the phone. I like multitasking!

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Anonymous said...

WHERE did you get that mirror?!

haven said...

I know! I got the last one in the Greater Seattle area, at Pier 1 about 1 1/2 months ago. Ahhh!! Love it!

Kelly said...

Wow! I'm really excited to come see it in person. :-) I think I might not recognize your place anymore... it seems to be constantly changing.