Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Girl turns T-E-N!!!

How is this possible? She is so tall, beautiful, and smart. I feel as though I had nothing to do with this. It just happened. Over the course of ten years. What have we been doing? She will only be here for eight more years, unless we can talk her into more. That's the plan....yes, we're going to work that plan.

Summer 2011, doing what she always does: helps out by watching some of the younger kids, and never complains about it.

This is going to be a little "Peyton Retrospective"....why? Because I want to. This was taken in June of 2002. She was only 9 months old. What were we thinking?


First day of Kindergarten. 2006

Getting bigger. Spring of 2008 (first grade) She was goalie because she's the "I" in Team! Still is. Funny....

Third grade 2010. Look at baby-Charlie!

She has a good start to FIFTH grade going, already this year. We love this girl so much, and she is so beautiful because she has Jesus in her heart. We just are enjoying sitting back and watching what she and HE do together in this life. Happy Birthday, Peyton!!

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Rosie said...

Beautiful girl, wonderful family. Happy Birthday Peyton!