Sunday, October 30, 2011

While I was at it....

...over at Ikea, when I was getting stuff for the laundry, I thought I'd tidy up the Playroom shelves a bit with matching green magazine containers. They're so dog-gone cheap that I can't pass them up. They were $3/2pk (I think...). Here's a before:

I know, its not that bad, but you can't see that all the books are totally junked and crammed into those baskets which aren't really meant for books.

Ahhhh...angels singing. All the books are in those green magazine holders, all "leveled" because my BFF is a second grade teacher, and she will beat me if my books aren't leveled. If you don't know what "leveled" means, just ask your closest elementary school teacher. Ha!

This is a shot of the closet in the playroom (the storage is more than I deserve, I know!) where I moved a lot of those wicker baskets, to hold actual toys, instead of books that were getting rumpled.

Last thing. I had to show you this great little basket within a basket thing that I recently got at Land of Nod. There are four colorful little baskets inside one big red basket, to hold art supplies. Totally wrangles all our art stuff. Phew!

Happy Playing!

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