Sunday, February 27, 2011

Before and After

Just thought I'd share a few before and afters. I'm sort of mourning my old house (of which these pictures are), but I'm so grateful to have a new house to use my creative outlet.

This is the before of our family room. It had one huge window, and a nice mantel, but that's about it. It needed some good love. See "after" below.
This ended up being one of my favorite rooms in our house. It's warm and liveable. It met all our needs, and then the dogs....ugh. Anyone else battling dog hair and losing? More on the dogs in another post.

Oh, the Master Bedroom. This wasn't very masterful. Its pretty plain, and here in the NW, this color wasn't doing us any favors.

Again, much warmer, and more inviting. Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but notice the recessed lighting that was added to highlight the art? It's on a dimmer (big fan!) so it gives this room that certain somin'somin' it needed.

This curtain fabric was selected (more on fabric selection in an upcoming post) because often master bedrooms are too feminine. I'm BIG on not over feminizing your man's room. Come on girls! This fabric was an alternating pin stripe that reminded me of a man's suit, and a fringy pattern that really complimented one another. See art wall wash lighting here, too.

Playroom before. WAY before. Before what? Before I had a shower, I think! Ugh!

Playroom AFTER! Can you tell I'm a warm palette girl? This room made me so happy!

Here are just a few more rooms I like, but don't have pics of befores.


JulieG said...

Do you have more pictures of the Blue/Brown toile room? I want to send them to another friend?

haven said...

Sure. I'll send them to you!

Lora & Debbie said...

Gorgeous! Love all the rooms. So excited about your blog - saved to my favorites! Lora

Kim said...

Hey Lauren! Love the collage going up the stairs. How did you hang from the wall because it doesn't look like a gallery wrap? I love your rooms!! You do a wonderful job. Hope to come visit soon!! Miss you guys! Cousin Kim

Rosie said...

Hey Lauren, Galen changed me over to Firefox and I am now an official fan of your Blog site!!
Wow oh are doing a great job here and I will eagerly look for future posts! Great stuff...both visually and in writing...lots of food for thought and a "haven" for a tranquil stop with a cup of coffee.
I'll be back! :)

Claudia said...

I saw your post on Thrifty Chick. I LOVE your gallery going up your stairs! VERY cute.
Claudia @

Noelle said...

Very, very pretty, you do nice work!!!!

Precious said...

I love the playroom! Do you have more pictures of it? The color on the wall is Copper Mountain by Benjamin Moore right?