Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie. Char-burger. CharChar Binks.

That last one was a stretch, but we do call our dog, Charlie, CharCharBinks, like JarJarBinks from Star Wars. See. Already digressing.

I just thought I'd slowly introduce you to the members of the family, and this is the highest maintenance of them all!

This pic was taken last April, when Char-burger was only 6months old. Now he's a svelt 30 pound (that's a little chunky for a beagle) beautiful little boy.

He's kind of a nut. My friend, Sarah took these pics. She watches my dogs sometimes when we go on vacation. She likes to take them to "off leash" areas or "walks" (on leash), or other places where they're required to "obey". They don't obey. It's kind of embarrassing, but.....well, at least my kids are well trained.

Charlie will simply do anything for a treat. Hence the 30 pounds. Sherri (our breeder) don't kill me. We love Charlie like the air we breathe. He's a sweetie pie.

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