Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yakima Fruit Market is oooooopppppeeennnnn!

(Insert Oprah's singing voice there). Oh man! I love when Yakima Fruit Market (YFM) opens. But, I love even more, when 1 month prior, I've moved within walking distance of YFM. Joy joy!

I'm headed there today, to pick up some fruits, veggies, and hint of spring in this otherwise dreary Seattle landscape. Don't get me wrong, the Northwest is pretty much my favorite place on earth, but long about March 1st, I start wishing we'd booked that trip to Arizona....

Do yourself a favor, and run on over to YFM for some great produce, great spring flowers, and some great dinner ideas! Oh, and your kids will stay happy with the fruit leather and kettle corn! Enjoy and "Happy (almost) Spring!!"

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