Friday, March 11, 2011

Bookcase Blahs....

Great built-ins are a great blessing. We have some great built-ins, but what to do with them? The same goes for any sort of bookcases, etc? These built-ins are in our dining room. But, as you can see they aren't very deep (Note: the plates on the center shelf are salad plates, and the plates below are chargers, and are hanging over. Argh!)
I thought I'd grab a few examples that I like and why, off the web to show some great built we go:

Young House Love
I really like this style, where the back of the bookcase is painted an accent color. The fabric I'm planning to use in my dining (shown above) is green, and I'm toying with the idea of painting the back of those built-ins to match the fabric.

House Beautiful
This demonstrates how the most basic "college"/boring bookcase can be turned into something special. Sparsely filled, with a few colorful accessories, all together with a snazzy mirror above. Love!

House Beautiful
These bookcases are clearly dramatic with the darker blue/slate color, but the aspect that I love, is hanging art off of them, as well. Very unconventional, yet classic at the same time. These are also fairly sparse with books, mixed with accessories. Mundane books look more special when they're not all in a line. Turn them, lean them, use unexpected things paired with the books.

Stay tuned for my dining room built in transformation!!

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