Thursday, March 10, 2011

Need More Chairs...

This is just a little post, to let you know about our two new friends. Mr and Mrs Parson's Chairs. In our new home, our furniture went all topsy turvy. The console table in our bedroom went to the family room. The living room love seat went to the master. And, the kitchen table became the dining room table. I have had this table for 8 years, from Pottery Barn, and have loved it--sort of.

Here it is in the old kitchen, in all its table glory. It sat 6 when there were no leaves in, and 10 when there were leaves. The issue is that it has planks, which mean grooves, which mean gunk. Does anyone else out there vacuum their table? No, didn't think so. I do. I've had this table for most of the time I've had kids, which was ill-advised. We came home one night, and a sitter had let our kids do playdough directly on the table. For days, we were scraping and cleaning dried, crusty playdough out of the grooves! Ugh!

Anyway, here is the table, and its 6 cute chairs in the new dining room:
And, then you can see the two new chairs we needed, to make it work. Our dining room is rather large, so we can extend the table, and leave it all the time. So, its actually ready to seat 10. We decided to leave it at 8, "normally", but needed two new chairs. I hunted for awhile, and found the best deal at CostPlus. (Am I on the only one that hasn't joined the World Market bandwagon?) Hmm...anyway, the chairs were only $99 each, then the slipcovers were $40 each. I really wanted to spiff them up a bit, so I decided to add our last name monogram.

Isn't it cute? I think the 'N' looks crooked in this picture, but it isn' can blame that on the person (me) who put the slipcover on slightly askew. I found this amazing gal Jen, locally, who embroidered them, and I just love it.

If you interested, Jen's etsy site is here

The slipcovers aren't pure white, which I thought would be a problem, given all the white wainscotting that you can see, in the picture. But, its fine. It adds something to the table, which is a bit "rustic", aka beat up from my 3 children for the past 8 years, so the linen fabric really adds.

Here's a link to a slipcover tutorial, from Janell at Isabella and Max, that might be worth looking at if you were to make them. The embroidery ran me about $8/chair.

Well worth it!!

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