Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fabric Selection: a tutorial, part 3

Ok, here's another rooms-worth of fabric that I've selected and why. :)

This is going to be Peyton's room. She is enamored with the color orange. In fact, she "pet" sat for a neighbor whose little girl's room was literally completely orange. Walls, ceiling, bedding. Oh my goodness. Not happening. I will nod in the direction of orange. Not "I need sunglasses" orange. Isn't she sweet tho?!!

The top "tweed" looking fabric is going to the the curtain panels. I chose the middle two fabrics (floral and dotted stripe) first, off of Lewis and Sheron See here for why I prefer them as my fabric source. I found the tweed (pink, orange, purple, and green, PERFECT!) at Calico Corners for $5.99/yd on clearance. Love!!! I bought 12 yards promptly with no intention of making the curtains sooner, but just had to make sure and get the good deal. Tip: Tweed adds so much texture and yummo, but reads out as a solid. In this case, this fabric reads out as a pink-ish tangerine type shade.

The other fabrics (on left, green and other striped) are going to be other accent fabrics for wall art. I like to use fabric, in frames w/ mattes, as art. Peyton has some outdated watercolor art in her room, that will be replaced with fabric in those frames.

The floral will probably be euro shams, and the stripe will probably be a bed skirt. Using ready made bedding in solids (in her case, its white) and adding touches of custom, ie euros, bed skirts, etc, can really make the whole room appear super custom made. For Euros, you only need about 2 yards of fabric, for a huge amount of impact. Look for a future posting on my minor obsession with throw pillows.

You can see the paint color in the upper left, and its Benj Moore HC 80 (Bleeker Beige). I'm doing a pretty basic beige as her allover wall color because I will be doing a dramatic painted headboard, in a tall funky shape, in a fuschia. Similar to this:

Look for more Peyton room updates soon!!


JulieG said...

Love it! Those colors are my favorites too and the colors I would use in my girl's room...if I had a girl! Here's a question for you Haven...what room can I decorate pink/orange/green if I have all boys?

Rosie said...

HA...like your boys are going to let you use pink in ANY room they frequent!:)