Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Throw Pillow Problem: Rehab Needed

Literally, just bought another throw pillow on Friday. Why do I do this? I don't know. They are quick, dirty, and they love me back. Ahhh.....

Here is a photo montage of my obsession:

One with birds

Three on one chair that coordinate

Aformentioned new one, because it was on a super sale!

Outside throw pillows...I mean who doesn't?

Extra throw pillows, in case a throw pillow fight breaks out!

Here is a photo montage of my obsession on our beds:

Oh my throw pillows have throw pillows. However, in my own deffense, do you see the picture above, of the blue/khaki room? That bed has no headboard, but you didn't notice did you? Why? Throw pillows.

I've referenced "Euros" quite a few times on this blog, and wanted to explain, for those decor novices. A Euro Sham/pillow is a 26" square pillow, used on a bed. Its awesome. Clearly, I think so. Its a fabulous way to customize ready made bedding. This picture, directly above, shows the red bedding. All of it was purchased rather inexpensively at Linen's N Things (RIP). Then, for only 2 yards of fabric, and the cost of pillow cover construction, I have a super duper custom look.

This post obviously has no point, other than I need feedback that I'm not the only pillow obsessed person out there. Anyone? Anyone?

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Black Pawn said...

They drive me nuts because everyone throws them on the floor all the time! I do require their use, though... but the ones I have are boring. I like the use of colors you have!