Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I've been pondering lately my ability to start things well, and inability to finish well...quarter past never, as we say over here. Are some people just idea people? Other people are implementers? Is it lazy if I don't want to inplement things or mainly finish? I found this awesome posting on Chatting at the Sky on the art of finishing.

As I poured the water into the coffee pot, I sensed a Voice saying to me, Sometimes the art is found in the bravery it takes to begin, and other times the art is about knowing when you’re finished. There is a false sense of comfort that can settle in when we  never allow ourselves to finish what we’ve started. When we are working on a project that is in process, it feels good to be doing something, to be actively creative. But there is fear in the finishing. Because what if it isn’t good/right/loved/beautiful? What if I’m not good/right/loved/beautiful?

I think of God standing in the middle of all he created, and then stopping on the seventh day to take a rest. Certainly there was more he could have thought of. Surely this water, land and sky earth didn’t drain him of all his ideas. Still, he worked. And then, he rested.

Is it difficult for you to let the thing be done already?

I definitely don't struggle with being done, but I appreciate what she is saying about feeling like more could be done. Less is more. I don't know. Rambling.

I'm just in "the middle" of a lot of things. My house. My kids. My marriage. While I adore all these things, and don't want it to be different, I just hope that I can finish well, and do the things that need doing, instead of wishing I'd done it differently. There's grace for that.

The picture above was taken over 7 years ago, and now that little baby girl, is a tall 9 1/2 yr old. She stands up to her daddy's chest, not his knees. She plays basketball and sweats. We always say that we will show this picture, as the first time, the first man, she walked down the aisle with (taken at my brother's wedding in '03).

Just wanting to finish well the things that are worth it. Like this little girl, being at home with us. I feel her slipping out of my hands. Time should stand still sometimes.


Martha said...

I love your thoughts, that you are open to God and all that He is and wants to do with and in you. What a wonderful woman you are!

Still Life With Coffee said...

Hi Lauren,
I love your blog. Are you by any chance the person who helped Julie decorate her classroom??? It is beautiful.
Looking forward to visiting your blog again.