Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack!! Big #8!!

My one and only boy turns 8 today, so in honor of him (we're probably at a bowling party right now), I thought I'd blog about his new room and the progress I've been making.

Part of why I wanted to do this blog is because I am asked a lot about my decorting process. Our new house is a proverbial blank slate, so this is a great opportunity to talk about and explain the process of designing a blank room. A blank room, is frankly the best kind of room! You're not tied to anything

This is going to be Jackson's new bed. Actually, just the headboard. Its on clearance from Pier1 for $150. That's a perfect price! It is perfect, also, because of the texture and interest it brings the room, without adding more color or busy-ness.
Here's the fabric I've whittled it down to, and the paint color:

I knew this navy and wheat animal print was IT because of the mix of whimsy (its an 8yr old's room) and sort of the classic nature of animal print. It will be one of the only patterns in the room, so it shouldn't over take too much. I love the tweed wheat and blue because, it too, adds texture while still having an over all solid read in the room. I will do the curtains in the anial print, and probably the tweed as euro shams, w/ the navy and wheat bedding.
The paint colors above are: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC154) and Benj M's HC 26 Monroe Bisque. The wall that the headboard will be on, will be the navy blue. All the other walls and ceiling will be the bisque. Usually, I'm not an "accent wall" painter, but in this case, I needed to infuse a little more of the navy to help break up the "beige".

These are the linens I'll be using. The navy blue will be the quilt, and the dijon color will be the standard shams. I will do Euro shams out of the animal print, as well. The solid bedding is on sale right now here

This is the room that I sort of took my "inspiration" from:

Her room is sort of nautical, but my take on it will be "wild" animal themed/geography, since Jack wanted Rain Forest...that's as far towards Rain Forest as I can go. Ha! You can see she did a contrasting wheat color for the world map. I love the map (a lot of map themes lately at my house), but I might do a chalkboard map, just to break up the wheat.

I plan to paint his bath a slate gray, like Benjamin Moore's AF545 (Solitude)

Stay tuned for the finished product in a few months.

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