Friday, March 18, 2011

Mailbox Up-do!

Here's our sad little mail box:

We're honestly so excited to have our "own" mailbox, out at our driveway. Around here, most neighborhoods have the super secure, "one stop shopping" mailbox at a centrally located place on the street. So, from a security standpoint, this style stinks, but from a design standpoint, this is a perfect blank canvas to snazz up! We're not exactly sending or receiving any national security secrets. Pay your bill online, people! Don't mail checks! Its 2011!!

I recently ordered this from Back 40 Life, on Etsy. I know, I know...I'm a nut for these vinyl word things. Uhh! Weakness.

Anyway, I had to wait for the monsoon  rain to stop long enough around here to get this vinyl on and paint the dagum post. Please don't tell me how I should be weeding my yard and mulching, instead of sprucing up my mailbox...can't help myself.

Ok, here's the new and improved version:

I painted the post with the siding paint/stain that the previous owners left us, as well as I have a BIG plan to plant some vining something, ie clematis or jasmine on the post, just to snazz that up. That will have to wait until more rain subsides. Lastly, we clearly need bark...humph. Spring has only partially sprung around here!!

Somebody send me a real letter soon, so I can run out to the box~~


Rosie said...

Love your very "old fashion" and personal mailbox!! You absolutely crack me up with your ... "Pay your bill online, people! Don't mail checks! Its 2011!!" Too true and too funny!!
Keep 'em coming Lauren...we all benefit from your Blog!

haven said...

Thanks, Rosie!! You're my #1 fan!! :) I have had 2 comments so far from people I don't know, so that's so exciting. And, honestly, who still mails all their checks? No no no...

Judy said...

Love what you've done with your mailbox. Thanks for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.