Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magnet Board Extraveganza!

Ok, so unfortunately I completed this project before I started blogging, so bear with all the words and no pictures...I'd usually do a step by step. I will give the final picture, first, then do the explaining...this is really cool!!

This is a piece of MDF (medium density fiberboard) with trim that matches the house trim, that the previous owner had left in the coat closet. The realtor said that it was for the mirror in the powder bath, where there was no mirror, but I decided to go a different route in the bathroom. So, we had this piece "left over", and decided to leave it as is. I had wanted to put a piece of sheet metal we had, inside the trim to make a magnet board, but it was the wrong size. So, down to McClendon's Hardware I went. Have you ever been there? They have everything and a person in every department ready to help ME!

I got myself some of this Rustoleum Magnetic Paint. Now, let me tell you, the label lies! Lies! They said 3 coats of this paint, and the wood surface I was painting would be magnetized. This is done because the paint contains microscopic pieces of metal. They disperse through the paint, and cover the surface of the board. Anyway, it literally took about 9 coats of paint, not 3 coats. Waiting for all 9 coats to dry and keeping all my supplies at the ready, for over 24 hrs, is what killed me. Ok...then, I did two coats of Benjamin Moore Templeton Gray (HC 141). Bear in mind, the magnet paint is a black primer, so if you're wanting to cover with a lighter paint, you'd have to do more than 2 coats of the actual paint color.

 I loved the way it came out. Here's one more picture.

Its a great solution to holding things like lunch schedules, random reciepts, pictures, etc instead of cluttering up the front of the fridge. In our case, our fridge is stainless, and won't hold magnets.

 Happy painting!!


JulieG said...

Post a picture of your old magnetic board from your other house w/ the Uppercase embellishments...people will love that too!

haven said...

Yeah, bummer. I don't have a pic of that!! ;(