Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rocky Road, Rock & Roll, Rockaroona

Yes. All things we call our youngest family member, Rocky. He has such a sweet story of how he came to be our last family addition.

See how he looks you in the eyes? Charlie doesn't ever do that. Rocky loves his momma....ok, I got distracted by his love. Here we go.

We got Charlie in Dec of 2009, and Rocky is Charlie's brother. Rock went to a show home in another town, nearby. We got a call in June of 2010 that Rocky's home wasn't good for him and that he wasn't a good show dog for them. We ended up finding out that he was neglected and left in his crate all day, malnourished, and his nails were all long and yucky.

Our great breeder called one day to ask if we by chance wanted to take Rocky, too, so the boys could be together. Well, my husband, from a family of all boys, said, "Yes! We can't leave a brother behind!!" We did a trial weekend, and its been a really really long weekend, as I think Rocky will be at our house forever.

They're freaks! This is what the boys do "in their spare time". They wrestle like little 8 year old boys.

They cuddle a ton, too. Charlie likes to lay on top of Rocky, not to be super cuddly, but to mainly keep him down. Ha! Charlie is dominent, but Rocky is faster and kind of smarter. ha! Anyone who says beagles are dumb has not really spent much time with them. Rocky is super smart, and knows exactly what we're saying. We're so happy to have him at our house.


Black Pawn said...
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Black Pawn said...

Yeah! You're a dog person now :) Never thought I'd see the day. They are so cute. - Rebecca