Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sarah + Abraham

Oh my Goodness!!! How yummo is this plate?! This is one my favorite sites to visit. She has a blog, an etsy site, and just a plain ol' web site. Sarah + Abraham. So sweet.
Here's how I'm using my plates....
In the spirit of full disclosure, I gave these plates to all three of my kids for Christmas. Let them eat waffles off them once, washed them, then took them away for the rest of their lives, so I could remember them being small for the rest of my life! They will now hang on the wall in infamy, never to be eaten off of again. Amen.

The kids are like, "Hey! Why can't we use our plates". Because I love them too much. Ha!

This is a great site for teacher gifts, as well. My best friend, Julie (who's a 2nd gr teacher), says never to buy anything that doesn't start with the word gift and end with the word card, for your teachers, but this is actually cute, not come crappy mug or tie or something horrid that you give away at white elephant parties, ahem, Julie.

Have fun!!


Marcie said...

Ohh! Love their things...I think I have a stationary addiction! The plates look great in your displays...so sweet.

JulieG said...

Ahem...I might have re-gifted a mug or two...please forgive me! I do love gift cards as a teacher...also stationary is a great idea Marcie!!!Cute plates...I love them hanging on your wall!