Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mini Herb Plantings

Not sure what these are called. For some reason the word terrarium comes to mind, but I think that has a lid, and these don't. If you know, let me know....
**Side note: Oh my goodness, the new camera came today. I'm so excited. Big Dog (that's my husband) and I are going to play around with it tonite. That is a commentary on how bleck this picture is. Sorry. Anyway, I decided, after my little jaunt down to the Fruit Market, that I needed a little outdoors, in. Here's my attempt at a small herb garden. I've never tried this before, so hopefully they'll live past dinner.

I just used these basic water glasses. We never use these, except for company, so if they taste like dirt next time you come over, sorry.
Then put small rocks in the bottom, here:

Then, I just pulled the little herbs out of their little plastic homes, tore off some of the roots and dirt to make sure it could fit, and plunked them right down in their new little glass house. Super easy....

I had to move over to the sink, because it was getting messy all over the counter. I think they'll be fine for a while....I just watered in there a tad. It smells so good. These are sage, rosemary, and thyme. I use rosemary and thyme quite frequently, when cooking, but we'll see what becomes of the sage.
Happy Fruit Marketing!

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rwheeler said...

Really cute idea!