Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uppercase Update

I received all my fab.u.lous. Uppercase Living things yesterday, so I was a stickin' fool!! Here's a few things I was able to get pics of:

Peyton's "Love the Game" (basketball) vinyl. That girl does love her some b'ball!!

This is what it looked like originally:

So, I just cut it up to work on her closet doors. Its fairly large (30"ish by 14"ish), so with the other things I have planned for her walls, I didn't want to get it cluttered up before I even started. Plus, we haven't painted in there yet. She loves this thing!!

Next. I did something here, that I had at our old house, but with a twist. Here's the 'N' monogram at our old house:

The centered 'N' was an uppercase. Ironically, the people that purchased this house also have a last name that starts with 'N', so we left the vinyl (took the other 'Ns').

The twist is that I put the new 'N' on our back door, and since I still wanted to be able to see thru it, I got it in "etched glass" color, from cool!! Here's the step by step:

Put the outer on first. Peel backing. Voila!


Put the 'N' on....

Peel and reveal!


Here's my last little one, in the powder bath....
I love me some Uppercase.....enjoy!

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