Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Emergency!

Long story, short. I used to have an emergency kit in the garage. This was when my kids were like 2 and 6mo. When I quickly realized that if we had a real emergency, and I would have like size 3mo and 1yr outfits in said kit, for my then larger children, we'd be out of needed supplies. Who has time to keep that up?

Anyway, so the "Emergency Kit" written in sharpie got lined out, and converted to a "Spring" decor bin. The box said "Spring Emergency Kit". My best friend saw this in the garage, and has never let me live it down. All that to say, its time to decorate for Spring. Also, my parents are coming, and we need to spruce up for company.

My main seasonal decorating occurs for FALL (my favorite season) and Christmas. So, spring is just "low key" around here. Here are a few of the items I use. I've had most of these for years!

I hope this gets you motivated to go hunt down those Spring/Easter decor pretties, and set them or not! Also can you tell I've been playing with my new camera? Sorry for all the pics!

 Happy Spring!

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JulieG said...

What kind of BFF would I be if I let you live these things down? I mean really...just stick it in your pocket! :) another long story!!!