Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Headboard Heaven

So, my dad was here. He's quite handy, and he always does great projects for me. My parents live in Alabama, so we don't exactly get to see each other very often, so my dad likes to help his girl out. As a refresher, here's the picture of the headboard that I wanted for Peyton's room:

And, here's the process my dad used (under my strict supervision, aka mom and I went grocery shopping....)

Very precise. Actually, he's an architect and homebuilder, so this was like nothing to him!


Here's me telling Peyton how to paint her headboard...

Isn't it purty?! Those two rectangles down below will be the "legs".
Now for the exact details:
The headboard itself will hit 70" at the top of it. The width is 56" (standard width of a full size bed, w/ a few inches to spare). Those legs will be under the main headboard to give the illusion of it coming all the way down to the floor. They aren't providing any support...just illusion. The color is "Rhubarb" from Benjamin Moore. 
 Entire project: $45! Pretty good for a headboard!

Unfortunately, you'll have to stay tuned for the final installation. We are still saving our pennies, and need to purchase aforementioned full size bed (mattress and boxspring). Hopefully in the next month or so.

Nighty Night!

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Lora & Debbie said...

Love it!!!
I need your dad...