Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Layering Accessories: How to

Accessories are so tricky.

First of all, they are the most bought thing. People buy one new accessory and call it "redecorating".

One blog I like, the Nester has a good suggestion for accessorizing, and that is "Shopping the House". I like this idea very much because you probably have enough accessories already; you just need to find them, and re-org.

I like the idea of layering different types of accessories. For instance, in this picture, you can see that there is:
-a cake plate
-a cloth napkin
-a wood charger
-a faux leaf
-some Easter bunnies
-a candle

That's 6 things layered to make one great Easter/Spring centerpiece. Next, you'll notice, on the bookcase, the layering of different accessories to make a bookshelf less about the books, and more about the room. You're shaping the story of the room with what's on the bookcases. Anyone can throw books on a shelf, but can they be arranged to tell your family's story.

Here are a few more pics of great accessory layering:

(Ignore the fact that this is in my garage...I was getting ready to teach a class.)

These are all my personal accessories, and you may have seen some repeat things. That's because I try to not have completely different sets of "fall", "winter/Christmas", or "spring" accessories. They should be somewhat interchangeable, with just minor adjustments.

Lastly, you'll notice that I like to work in odds. This is a common design tactic. Odd numbers of things. So, a total of either 3, 5,or 7 at the most. In the picture (above) of the spring/bunny centerpiece, there were two bunnies and a candle. This just generally keeps the proportions on balance.

Go shop your house for some accessories that you already have! Have fun!!

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