Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mad Science

My mom is a saint! I was dreading doing Peyton's science fair project with her. We even recycled one of my 1980-something science fair projects because I didn't want to expend the mental energy it was going to take to come up with something new. I know this is lazy, but....please.

So, enter aformentioned mother, here visiting for spring break (I've already mentioned my awesome dad, and all his hard work on a headboard for Peyton...they do love the other 2 kids...Peyton was high-need this trip!) The project was called "Biscuit Explosion: What makes biscuits rise?" (Yes, I did this in 1986!)

Here's mom helping Peyton measure baking powder on the first batch of biscuits. Three batches are necessary. I was the resident photographer....happily sipping my coffee between shots!

Here's our naughty doggy, Rocky, with his nose in everyone's beeswax, to see if maybe since Peyton was at the helm, one morsel of food might drop down his direction! Bad doggy, I love you, bad doggy, I love you.

More baking, with which I am not involved. Love it!
And, why do we knead to knead in a North Face coat? Not sure, but its 9 yr old logic...go figure.

Playing with new camera shots...love it! First batch goin' in the hot box!

This is second batch getting measured!

There's my mom sacrificing her good nails on a hot pan, to get the shot of the low/non-rising third batch. Taking one for the team! Where is our ruler, she asks!? Don't know.

Grand Finale!

Thanks mom!! Project in 1986: check. Project in 2011: check.


atwellc said...

That's awesome! Your mom is THE perfect person to oversee this experiment! :) And by the way, I've already made a point to remember what my science experiments were so that I can reuse the ideas for my kids! :)

haven said...

Yes, Courtenay! This science fair doesn't even hold a candle to the amount of work of the FCS ones...I do have all mine filed away in my head! :)