Monday, April 18, 2011

Star Wars Exhibit

Oh my goodness, the weather sucked so bad while my parents were here! I know that is rude to say, and while I'm not usually swayed by this dreary Seattle weather, I really really really wanted to go outside and see things while my kids were on Spring Break and they were here. Ok, enough rant.

We tried to make the most of it, and one of the things we did was the Pacific Science Center. We've gone before, but it'd been about 7 years since my parents had been there That time my then 2yr old (now 9y/o) had a complete meltdown and tantrum, and that's all that we can remember about that trip. So, we decided to make a new memory. This brings me to the STAR WARS EXHIBIT!!!

There's Chewy in all his glory. My kids loved this exhibit, but it was a little museum-y for me. My husband JUST informed me that these were literally the actual figures, costumes, and models used in the movie. Is that right? I'm not sure if I believe him. Sometimes he tells me things like this to mess with my head. Hmm....

All three w/ CP-30. THE CP-30!

Yoda this is. Resist couldn't I.

There's my dad in the background taking the same pic from the opposite direction. HA! Is this the Millenium Falcon? If yes, collect $200.

 Kids playing at one of the stations.

This posting literally has nothing to do with home design, but I just wanted you to see that, at times, I'm dragged away from my accessories to do something more interesting!

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Suzann said...

Ugh! We went about the same time you did and I was so miserable! SO boring! Very museum-y! But the rest of the fam had a good time so sometimes, that's all that counts :0)