Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Follow? Blogging 101

That's what most people say when I ask what blogs they follow.
Then a blank stare.

credit: cutest blog on the block

Well, if you've found me here, you are either:
1. new to blogging.
2. a seasoned blogger who knows where its at.
3. or one of my facebook friends that just likes to take stalking to another level.

At any rate, I'm super glad you're here. I've had lots of questions, recently, about "blogging 101", so I thought I'd fill in some gaps.

First, why blog? Blogging, for me, has become a way of connecting with people who share my same interests in a way that we've never been able to before. I'm interested in home, family, kids, etc. So, I follow (feed) those types of blogs. However, there are photography, cooking, travel, pet blogs...everything under the sun! There are professional bloggers (people who make money through advertising on their blog). I do not make money by doing this blog. I am, however, attempting to grow a small decor business, either in person or online, through the promotion of this blog. Some people only have a blog to keep grandma updated on all their family pictures. This is not that. So, I'm somewhere in between a pro blogger and a personal blogger.

Secondly, RSS. What is it? RSS= Really Simple Syndication. It is a way to "follow" blogs and see them in one location. When you choose to "follow" me, you will sign in with a "reader", ie Google Reader (you have to have an account with Google to do this--easy to get). Then, all the blogs that you choose to "follow" will be in one location. You log into your google account and click on the "reader" tab, and you can see all the blogs you've decided to follow. Before I was a blogger myself, I only followed about 5 blogs. Now, because I want to stay current with more blogs, in order to have mine seen more often, I follow about 15.

I would love for you to follow mine, but honestly, I'd just love for you to read mine, and pass it on to anyone you think might like it. Its been an invaluable tool in directing potential clients to the blog, especially so I don't have to "repeat" myself re: paint colors, my accessorizing philosophy, etc. Hope you find this helpful when looking at any blog!

Send questions on blogging my way, and I'll try to help! I'm really just finding my way, too. Happy Blogging!

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Orange it Lovely said...

lol So true. I love this post.
There is something inside of us that just wants to know that people care, that they notice what we have to say! lol
All our hard work is noticed. and it is and will be.. you have a great blog!