Monday, April 25, 2011

Ottoman Empire

Cute, huh?! And, this is the before! I was shopping with my mom, over Spring Break, in Snohomish (I love that little town!), and found this gem, upstairs in the back corner of one of the shops. It was totally unassuming, and just sitting there for only $14!! I've needed a foot stool for one of my Family room chairs. It just kind of shallow, and you need to put your feet up on something. This was perfect.

Our Family room has been lots of reds, golds, etc, but in our big area rug, there is a steel blue color. I've been wanting to transition to more terracotta and slate/steel blue palette...this was my chance. I decided to recover this. The burlap was ok, but kind of "oatmeal" with the painted legs. I certainly could've darkened up the legs, but thought I could do better from the fabric angle.

I started taking it apart, and it was kinda gross.

I mean, what is that? Straw, circa 1930? Yikes. Plus it was kind of saggy, and needed some reinforcing.

I added two layers of batting, and it was still sagging....can you see where my hand goes down in the middle? Hmmm...

I just added a little more in the middle, where the sagging was the worst, hoping that the fabic could cover a multitude of sins. I didn't want to make it too bulky around the sides where all the staples were going to be...

Time for fabric. I measured-ish.

Started stapling....

Did my hospital corners...I am a nurse, after all!

Then came the most time consuming part....getting the edges nice and clean...

I hot glued this nice taupe trim, but was left with some little "hairs". I used a flat head screw driver to force those little guys down into the edging. Worked pretty well...this is my first attempt at re-upholstering something, so grace is required!

I'm pretty happy with it. For some reason, in these pics, it looks like a pretty rendition of 80's seafoam green, but in fact its a slate blue.

Go put your feet up!

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