Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have you ever seen this??

Never. I've never seen this, and I've been around the design barn one or two times.....

Obviously, I'm ignorant, as they had a whole whack of it at Target. Right there in the "rescue" aisle. That's like all the car care, ropes, "stuff I call my husband or AAA for" aisle.

Its regulation duct tape, but its pretty.....

Why do I have this duct taped? I had this leftover piece of glass, from this frame:

So, I didn't just want to throw it out. This black desk (aka dust magnet) has always needed something under the laptop, to help reduce scratches. So...desk blotter. But, I couldn't just plop down a solid piece of glass in front of my children....(this is their computer)

Nice, huh? Don't ask about the two screens...that's an IT issue, and out of my jurisdiction.
Duct tape as glass edging for a desk blotter? Whodathunk?


Orange it Lovely said...

ooooh love it. really love it!
I have to get to Target!

haven said...

Tana! You are about the most encouraging person I have ever met. I smile everytime I see your "lovely" name on my blog. Thanks so much!!! :)