Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I made this: No sew roman shade

There's me again. Oh well. Focus. Roman shade. Ain't it cute?
As I've said before, when you're not sure about how to make something, just try....that's what I do. And, its usually when I'm supposed to be making dinner....

Ok, so I just measured the window opening, and cut it to size.

Laid my little stencil down on top. Note how I didn't clean it after the last use. Nice, huh?

Spray painted some random chocolate brown from the paint stash.

Voila! I took French.

Folded the bottom hem, and used the stitch witchery, again, to hold it.

Turned it over, folded some generally even folds. **Side note, I was thinking that it would've been cool to do this step first, then spray paint, just to have the stenciling line up. Not sure. What do you think?

Ironed and stitch-witched from the back, too.

Stapled to random piece of board, cut to fit. Screwed into top window sill.

Done! Time for dinner.....

I linked this up, here, too!


Alison said...

So it stays up, similar to a valance? As opposed to being pulled down to cover the entire window, then up again? Just trying to figure out how it would move if you stitch-witched it together.

haven said...

Alison, yes its just a fixed valance. That window is very small (17") so it doesn't need a fully functioning shade....thanks for checking out the blog!

Shannon said...

So cool! I might have to borrow your tutorial for my daughter's room. This looks great!