Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Haven's Housecalls: Kelly's Master Bedroom

Yeah! I haven't done a Master bedroom, yet, on we go.

Why is it that the Master is the last room to be done, in one's house? Its because no one ever goes in there, except "Mommy and Daddy".....

Well, here's Kellys.....again, a room that needs to go from "good to great!"

Ok, so things that are great:
1. Nice, new, and solid bed.
2. Nice, newer bedding that she likes.
3. Great, nice, newer dresser, mirror and ONE side table (still working on getting the 2nd).

Things that make this room difficult:
1. Those two tiny windows on either side of the bed.
2. Husband is a big reader, and they have a big bookshelf crammed with books (not pictured)
3. No time to do projects (3 little kids...3 under 5!)

Haven's Quick Fixes:

1. Take down scones, and place to the outside of the little windows.
2. Put up curtains (see below) on big window
3. Put up mirror (from dresser) over bed
4. Get nice print for over dresser (break up sets!!) (see below)
5. Add some throw pillows.
6. More art on surrounding walls.
7. "Snazz" bookcase"

Here are the actual items I'm suggesting:

Curtain panels for big window (Ballard Designs) The background color is similar to the wall color, so it would just add some texture, without adding too much going on. The darker stripe adds just a little interest, without being too busy.

Two of these, over the dresser. Kind of whimsical and feminine, yet the choppy nature of them are slightly masculine, as well. They come in different sizes. (CostPlus)

Love these, from West Elm!!! (Either one would work with Kelly's room)

This top shade, a nice solid, would work well with their taupe and lavender bedding. You can always mix and match doesn't have to come in a matched set. Kelly should use these as a Euro (square) sham, to add to her standard shams and quilt.

Alright....what else? What else? I think that's good.
We all have those bins of kids books, piles of laundry, etc, but if the "basics" of your master are taken care of, then you will find it to be a retreat at the end of a long day!

Good luck!

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