Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping Track of the Design

Have you ever been looking for that "perfect" item for your house, and you'd pull the trigger if only you could compare it to your paint color?

I have. This is a "design nerd alert", but sometimes, when I'm doing a room, or more than one, or especially a room for someone else, I really need all my swatches, paint, and measurements in one handy place.

I got this cute little book about 8 years ago, from our mortgage broker (as a gift) of all places, but used it to death when doing our old house (see pics below). I'm about ready to put one together for this house, as I've been in too many spots lately without all my pertinent things.

Its called Welcome Home. Check it out at amazon... 

It has these little punch out icons for different pieces of furniture, so you can see them in scale, in a "room" on paper. Super handy if you lack high spacial acuity! Ha!

I've left this pic smaller to protect the innocent, but I was able to keep track of my seamstress, people I owed money to (ha! that sounds funny), when something was ordered, when it was to arrive, etc.
General chicken scatch...

I was able to keep magazine/catalog clippings, either to order, or to carry around for measurements, in case I found something cheaper/better deal.

Once I'd decided on certain swatches for a particular room, I carried those around, to match paint, other furniture, etc to. These were for my son's cowboy room!

Lastly, I just took one page out, slathered some sample paint from each paint pot on it, and away I went. I always had the color, and the name/# with me.
This would really be easy to do with just a regular notebook and some pocket thingys.

What are some of your "staying organized" house tips?

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