Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is my view from my Master Bedroom each morning and evening (not up there eating my bon bons, during the day as much as I'd like!)

 Can you see the Olympic Mountains? I can. That is worship to me. I sit and marvel at the gifts God has given me. This is my grateful place. He gave us the house. In fact, just plopped it right in my lap. I didn't have to do one darn thing, which is what a parent loves to do for His child. He loves me, and everytime I look and see that those Pacific Northwest mountains are rising up to say goodnight, I say goodnight to the One who created them. He blesses me for no reason, and am grateful.


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Erin McGinnis said...

Wow Lauren!! That is some view. You are indeed greatly blessed to get to see the beauty of God's creation right out your window. Thanks for sharing!