Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day gift Idea: Monogrammed Totes

This idea is a tried and true one, in fact I've made so many of these bags, that I've forgotten who I've given them to....if you get another one from me, just pass it on to someone with your inital. Ha!

I got the idea, originally, from Design Sponge  Their DIY tab, is like crack to people like me. I can only look at it a couple of times a month, or's the tote, finished, then see below for the how to.

I just got the supplies from Michael's...super easy.

Make sure you use fabric paint. Then, the doilies are found in the cake decorating section. I like to use a stenciling brush for the stenciling part (hard to see), but its the kind w/ a flat head.

Then, you get you doilie positioned where you'd like it. Centered is "a" way, but not super interesting.

I kind of like it off centered like this.

You'll see....

Begin stenciling the doilie. I love saying doilie...

See. Cute, huh?! Then decide what you'd like to monogram. I'm giving this to one of my sweet gals at church (unfortunately not my mom, as she lives far far away, in a land called Alabama!)
I just pencil in the letter, and I prefer lowercase in a type-set "font", but any style is fine.

I use a very small, stiff brush for the lettering, just to make sure its very clean looking.

Voila! Happy Mother's Day!

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