Thursday, June 2, 2011

Avery's Room: Complete

Little miss Avery's room is D.O.N.E.....just had to show you how all those great fabrics melded together. Its also hard to see, but the pink wall color (BM Pink Cloud) came out really well. 

I love how light and airy it is...

Here's her little art/coat hanging thing behind her door. This child needs to save every little thing we find along the way, so now she has a place to put it all. See that little finger painting? She said "That's Sissy!" So cute!!

This is her little side table. As I might have said before, I have thought about painting that table white or something airy, but just haven't gotten to it yet. I love this lamp (Target!), but it needed to be a tad higher. One of my tried and true tricks is to use books to elevate lamps. It works great, and adds interest.

Just had to show you how this valance is put up. We just staple the fabric to the top of a 1x4, and use those little "L" brackets. This is a non-functioning valance, but you could probably hanging a functioning one this way, too.

I wanted to show you that this little bow is only pinned on. I think its super cute and little girly, but in a few years, when Avery is older, we could pop off the bows, and put something a little more tweeny/funky on there like a huge navy blue flower.

Who doesn't love little girls?!

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Judy said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.