Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Outing with the whole crew

Good morning! I just have to share our Memorial Day with you.

I woke up this morning (June 1st), and its gray, about 50 degrees, and pouring down rain. I have never minded the weather here. I'm a transplant to the Northwest, but feel like I've lived here my whole life.

Instead of getting bitter about the weather, we just enjoy the nice days when we have them. Like this past Monday. We went to Whidbey Island, which is an island off to the west, w/ beautiful scenery.

Here's Deception Pass:

So beautiful!

We played here on the "beach" (in jeans, coats, boots, etc) for a while, but then headed to the town of Coupeville. We always get ice cream and wander around. We also take the doggies with us, and we're like a circus side show.


Daddy, Doggies, and Jack


Water, ash tray...nice....

Avery and the boat (not our boat....)

Beautiful day. Happy Memorial Day!!

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