Saturday, June 4, 2011

Craigs List Much?

Ok, so I just had a "zoinks" moment, when I read that one my favorite bloggers just bought her first thing on Craigs List (CL). What the what?

I guess, living in a pretty urban area (Seattle), CL is a no-questions-asked thing. Yes, I use CL. I troll it for all kinds of great finds. Oh, did I mention that this is going to be a virtually picture-less post? Sorry.

Anyway, here are the items I've bought on CL:
-deep freezer
-couch x2
-gorgeous leather chairs
-end tables (in the parking lot of a Starbucks)
-huge mirror
-area rugs x? maybe 3-4
-plus much much more, I just can't remember it all

Here are the things we've sold on CL:

-2 cars
-headboards/beds x3
-dining table and chairs x2
-area rug
-kids stuff galore
-baby "booty", ie bouncer, megasaucer, highchair, etc

Just thought I'd review a few CL main points of etiquette and safety with you, in case you're new to planet earth, or your suburban area just "got CL". (My parents live in Alabama, and it really hasn't caught will, oh, yes, it will.)


-Never. Never. Never invite someone to your house, unless there are two adults home. I meet people in random shopping mall/strip mall parking lots, all the time. Well lit, daytime, etc.
-Don't carry around hoards of extra cash, etc.
-Don't give people your address unless they're actually coming to your house.
-Don't allow people to traipse all over your house. Have the item in your garage, or a centrally located spot in your house, for their viewing/pick up.
-Don't respond to emails that say: "I come to you today" and that's all it says. They're "phishing" to see if this is a real email. Not good. Spam will ensue. The email has to read like a real person wrote it.

Etiquette (Buying):

-Try to call people back right away or get the deal tightened up pretty quickly, so as to not play phone tag, and drag things out for the seller. And, if this does happen don't be offended when they've moved on to someone else.
-Bring cash. Always. Cash talks, baby.
-Negotiate over email/phone. I don't prefer to negotiate on the spot, unless the item is severely misrepresented.
-Show up. If you've said you were going to be there at 4p. Please come at 4p. Not 10p. That's not the same thing....maybe 405p. Not 10p. Yes, this has happened to me. How could you tell.
-See safety, above

Etiquette (Selling):

-Call people back quickly, to let them know the status of the sale at hand.
-On the posting, please include dimensions, pictures (of the actual "from the catalog" thing), your phone # or email, etc
-Be specific about the meeting time/location.
-Be honest and upfront about the item you're selling. If its Ikea, just say its Ikea, not Pottery Barn-like. Seriously.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. Oh, one last thing. If you ever have insomnia, go to CL "best of craigs list"....super funny. Some inappropriate, but mostly funny. Stuff like, "Hey, if you're that guy that was wearing the red shorts and the green tshirt on the Ave on Saturday the 20th, could you call me at this number to tell me where you got those shorts. I really liked them. Thanks." I'm weird. That stuff cracks me up.

Please please please don't pay retail for household items, such as furniture, until you've done your due diligence on CL. I literally decorated someone's whole living room and dining room, 3 years ago, for $800 on CL. Its one step up from thrifting, and quite a few steps up from garage saleing. Its so fabulous to get great deals, and meet great people. Stay safe, but CL-away, people!!! -

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