Monday, June 6, 2011

Living Room pillows

Good morning! I thought I'd show you some progress on our living room.....pillows!! Have I shown how to make pillows enough on this blog?

1. Cut a square
2. Sew it together
3. Leave stuff hole. Stuff hole.
4. Hand sew closed.

Well, I have a twist for ya!

Pre-"smashed" down pillows.
You know how in magazines or in staging you see the down pillows smooshed down in the middle?
Well, why not sew them that way??

Here are the deets:

I cut the fabric in a rectangle, except for the top, which I curved some. (No pictures...grr!)
 I stitched it together. Then....

Stuff, stuff, stuff....why do I have this picture? Who knows.

These are my cutie-patoot new JennyLind Ektorp chairs from Ikea. Boo-yeah....only $199/ea.

The story is that we are having the living room painted TODAY (pictures to come!), and I needed nice upholstered chairs. Couldn't find any for under $400 each, and since I needed 2 and didn't want to shell out $800, I decided to go this route.

These are chairs I'd like eventually in our master bedroom, in a little sitting area, so they will be nice "place holders" in the living room until $800 shows up on my doorstep....

Go make some pillows!!

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