Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dining Room Delerium

Ok, that's a little dramatic, but I'm struggling to really find a good direction with this room.

I literally started this blog off almost 4 months ago, talking about how my dining room was going to be the first room I'd do, still looks like this:

Boring with a capital Scary!

But, since this is a work in progress, I thought I'd share a few ideas.

I'm planning on using this fabric, again, from Calico Corners (Grr!)

It looks kind of "formal" or traditional, but the colors are even better in person than me. I'm a professional.

Then, the flooring is just hardwoods, and its quite loud in's what I'm thinking:
Either this....

or, this....too trendy??

I'd like a little pattern on pattern (curtain fabric and rug) without being too much. These seem subtle enough considering the area rug would be covered up by my big 'ol table and chairs....


Emily A.Clark has some great botanical prints in her dining...

I think I could do better, frame-wise, but I like the general concept. I think I could find some vintage botanical prints on Etsy, too, to do this pretty inexpensively.

Any thoughts or suggestions?? Just realized this is like my own "Haven's Housecall"....ha!

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