Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jackson's room...

Slowly, but surely, Jackson's room is coming around. I've never done a room with less vision than this room. Isn't that so inspiring? Makes you want to jump up right now and go decorate something....

Here's a before...

Kinda hard to tell the whole scope, here, as this pic was taken to sell his bed on Craigs List.
But, his room has great vaults, weird little windows, and when he gets older, he'll figure out that if he crawls out his window, he can jump onto the roof, and sneak out. Nice.

Here's the palette I was thinking about. Nice and calming, yet boyish. No crazy theme or weird colors. However, it has morphed into sort of a hodge podge, but I've decided that that might be ok.

I'm still using the animal print, above, but since I couldn't find it anywhere except darn Calico Corners, for $41/yd, I just got 2 yds for euro shams. Here's how you can cheat the Calico-system:

Put the good fabric on the front and the "cheaper" coordinating fabric on the back.
Boo-yeah! Calico does not win against my ingeniousness!!

Since this method only used about 1 yard of the aforementioned "expensive" fabric, I had Sue, the seamstress (not a Calico seamstress--oh the horrors) put a 10" band of the animal print on the bottom of the curtains, and it turned out so so so cute. Ok, next were all the other miscellaneous projects that I've done blog posts about, like:


And this.

From this:

(pinterest via houzz)

And this.

And this.

Aren't those the ca-utest little accessories. The metal bin and oversized pencil are from Land of Nod, when I went there w/ the BFF. The lamp used to look like this:

But, I painted it the dovetail gray from the's just ok...I might have to tweak.

Here's the big picture, overall, "its done" picture:

See how hodge-podgey? Don't even care....dinosaur meets star wars meets tennis on the Serengeti meets giant bear from his first birthday. It proves you can do a whole room around a color palette and it meets an 8 year old's standards. He loves it, so that's all I care about!

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Orange it Lovely said...

ooooh so so cute! I love it all!!!
Great job!