Monday, June 20, 2011

How to make a mirror more "boyish"

Here's this big ol' mirror that is over Jackson's bed. We're praying that our "earthquake plate" doesn't open up with a huge 9.0 earthquake and drop this thing on his little baby head. If the earthquake doesn't get him, the mirror will. Yikes. Actually, Jon put it up there nice and sturdy. Scary/morbid. Sorry. used to be in our dining room, like this:

Can you see it way over there on the right? Well, this sucker is huge, and we got it on super sale, back in 2005, at Bombay...remember Bombay? A moment of silence please.
Ok, we're back. Anyway, it had some dings on it, that I just fixed with my sharpie, and they knocked like $100 off it. I think we paid like $80 or $100 for that huge mirror that was originally like $250...

I had seen this picture, on houzz recently, and loved it

Check out the tennis rackets. Aren't they a cute, fun way to add wood-type texture to a boys room, w/o over themeing it up? Yes, I thought you'd agree.

So, on a recent trip to Snohomish w/ Bianca, I picked up two vintage, aka old, tennis rackets. Then, when I got home, my husband proceeded to go out to the garage to get his "vintage" tennis racket that looked exactly like the ones I'd just bought. Humph. Well, now I have 3. Ha!

I have this ribbon/rope that we strung them up with:

 Jon drilled into the rackets, to be able to affix the rope:

He's so great.

Lastly, we strung them across the mirror, like this, for a similar effect:

I really think this adds layers of interest to the mirror. Cool!

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