Tuesday, June 21, 2011


....makes my creative mind feel like its going to explode. Ahhhh!! The merchandising is un-real.
I went to this great store on Friday, when I was down in Seattle with my BFF, Jules. I saw many things that needed to come live at my house, but due to my penny-pinching, I had to let Anthropologie hold onto them.

Let's look at the merchandising first....

SPOONS! Can you believe it? Spoons!! Ingenious!

Then, this is a whole woven thing, w/ yarn from a big circle down to a smaller circle. So cool!

Here's an up close picture of the yarn on the nails....who woulda thunk?

Plants hanging from the ceiling? Crazzzzy!

More plants....how do you water?

Ok, then I said that not much came home with me, but.....a couple things did....eek!

This isn't like so earth shattering, but I have needed a little thingy to put my recipes on/in since we moved. I used to have a nice little clippy-magnet on the side of my fridge, for holding papers, recipes, etc. But, now there's no where for these things to live...except for ON the counter. Not how I roll.

So, I found this spoon-recipe/book holder. L.O.V.E.
Ok, but the main thing that I fell in love with, and couldn't leave there was....THIS!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (Me screaming in delight!)

It is stunning in person. It is a pale blue ceramic vase with this ceramic, intricate, gorgeous chrysanthemum on it. It is so pretty. I set it on the piano because
1. It has to be protected from "the people" (aka the kids)
2. It picks up (eversoslightly) the blues and terracotta colors in my living room art
3. Anything put on a black baby grand piano is in a place of honor.

What gorgeous little summer thing has a place of creative honor at your house, this week??

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Orange it Lovely said...

sigh.. I love that vase!! I have B day discount card burning a hole in my purse!