Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jackson's Bath Roundup

Ok, in the spirit of full disclosure, this bathroom is the eensie-weensiest ever, so to do a whole post on it, is kind of silly, but....here we go. This will be more philosophical in nature than instructive...sorry.

Let's start off with the little "curtain"...which is the same design as the girls' curtain, seen here. The fabric is a super fun stripe from Ikea!

So, I cut the fabric to the size of the window (no side seams, 'cause that's how I roll)....I did iron, I mean come on!

Did a botton hem...it is straight, just doesn't look like it.

Folded up where I wanted the little pleats, just like the girls'.

Ironed stitch-witchery in place on front and back.
Again, see girls' tutorial above for how to mount to window casing, but basically just staple to a board the size of the window, and screw to the upper part of the window surround, like this:

Sorry for super dark pic...eek.
Back to the bathroom...here's the before, without paint. Builder-boring beige.

I really wanted the white stuff (tub surround, shower curtain, etc) to POP!

As you can see, it looks a little warmer with the Sherwin-Williams Dovetail gray, and the curtain.

These towels are also from Ikea, and blend nicely with the paint color.

Pretty happy with things in here. Its a nice difference, yet still blends with his bedroom. This will be the guestroom/guest bath, so I wanted to make it a little more "adult" than just a kids area.

What do your eensie weensie bathrooms look like??

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