Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saying Goodbye: Water Balloon Style

Since we moved 6 months ago, I've been driving my kids to their old school 20 minutes away, and then picking up, as they come off the bus at our old 'hood.
Well, yesterday was the last day of school, and we had to say goodbye the the kids, the old 'hood, and all the great parents. Kind of sad, but if you have to say good bye, you might as well do it with a HUGE WATER BALLOON FIGHT, right?!

The girls are strategerizing....

The boys' strategy was to disregard the 600+ water balloons they had in their arsenal, and to just resort to their water guns.

See all those coolers? They're filled with water balloons! 200 of which were filled yesterday morning by yours truly. My fingers have blisters!

We are from the Great White North. Could my son BE whiter? (That's a little Friends "Chandler" reference for ya) or skinnier? Ugh! Some meat has to get on his bones, this summer....

The girls had no guns, just balloons, so....they ran out first. Wah.

There's Jackson's BFF, Lucas, shooting some parents on the sidelines....illegal activity.

Thanks for all the great memories, SpringMill and Fernwood El....we will miss you!!

PS The question begs, what do you do with the little balloon pieces all over someone's driverway? We bribe children to pick them up with popsicles, candy, brownies, and cookies. Age-old mothering trick!

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