Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cabinet overhaul

Here's little red. He's been such a faithful little cabinet. I think I bought him in 2005, at Costplus, and he lived in our family room. He held all kinds of baby toys and book, while my kids were small. But, alas, when we moved, he got moved on up to Jack's room. forward to my new design for Jack's room...not red.

So, little red needed a paint job:

Ahh.....lovely. Took about 2 hours total. I painted in my laundry room (upstairs), which I've decided is my "upstairs garage"....much to my husband's chagrin

Isn't he purty?? (Watch for upcoming posts about all things curtains, etc.)

I used the paint from this little wall art project, Benj Moore's Hale it! Best navy out there!

When you use the same paint for every accent thing in the room, it really helps to tie things together. Watch for more on Jack's room, coming soon!

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