Sunday, July 31, 2011

Haven's Housecalls: Suzann's Living Room

Here we are with another housecall. Quite a few of these this summer, and my kids have loved running around town giving decor advice playing in other people's backyards.

So, down to business...this is Suzann's living room. She is my good friend, who is also a military momma. She and her husband have lived in like 8 places in the 15 or 16 years they've been married. They will be in Seattle for 2 more years, then head on back to Colorado. We will miss her, but might as well get this room in shape, while we're at it...

This is a beautiful two story front room

With completely white walls and lots of natural light.

Not sure if you can see in these pictures, but her husband is super into stuff like Tommy Bahama. (see lamp, prints, etc).

Apparently, the originaly owner was an architect who used lots of cool angles, etc.

So, you got it? Here's what I suggest:
1. Slipcover the red. Its pretty powerful, and in the perfect "environment" would be fine, but its pretty red in this particular environment. It also doesn't speak to the Tommy Bahama look.
2. Move this chair (in above photo) to replace recliner in this photo (below)
3. I also think they should move scooch the sectional toward the window wall just a tad. It would allow more breathing room around the fireplace.

Then, while we're here, I think they should slide the bookcase (above) over to center over the sectional, reposition the prints to surround the bookcase, then add something tall on top of bookcase to balance the whole thing, while filling the space with proper scale in mind. Whew!

Let's talk slipcover and other decor....

This is an Ikea sectional, and they have a khaki slipcover, like this:

Sorry for all the "dead" space...Ikea pictures just do this, and I'm too lazy to cut it down. Ok. Then, some more Tommy-esque stuff:

Ok, before you freak....these are bolder than I would normally suggest, but this girl has a bright red couch in her family room...they can certainly handle these apple green geometric curtains. It would add some pop to the rest of the khaki, and would add the green necessary for the Tommy-look.

I would love to see some more texture in there, with something woven:

Yes, I know this is a laundry basket, but what's stopping her from putting a great big green plant in this, and setting it on top of the bookcase. Awesome!

Now for some throw pillows with all that khaki...

Pop of color amongst all that khaki and green...

Add some red back in for some more color, and a nod in the leafy Tommy direction. Voila!

Happy decorating, Suzann!! xoxo

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