Friday, July 29, 2011

Fence woes

It has been probably the grayest/wettest summer I've ever spent in Seattle, and I've been here 19 years. So...we've not been outside as much as we would have liked. That being said, we have been outside a fair bit in our new backyard, which we love....its big, open, and flat which is more than I can say for some previous backyards.

This is a shot of the kids play area, and nice grass, but do you notice anything else? Hmm..??? Keep looking...

Starts with a "chain" and ends with a "link"......ahhh, the ever-attractive, see-though and semi-ghetto chain-link fence. Could I have added another hyphenated word? Doubt-ful.

Anyhoo....I'm queen of temporary solutions until fundage for a permanent solution appears. This is the worst of the fence, since its on the far right side, facing our only neighbor. Somehow our house was set really far forward on our lot (aka no front yard, big backyard) and his house was set way back on the lot (aka HUGE front yard and no backyard). So, I decided I could cover this fence (for a while until 6' cedar fencing was possible) with some vines.

I set out to get clematis, but came home with honeysuckle. I have a fond memory of walking along the golf course in Virginia where I'm from, picking off the honeysuckle flowers, pulling the little piece out, and tasting the yum. I showed my kids how to do it, as soon as we got to the parking lot with our plants.

It will take some time, maybe about 2 years, but these honeysuckles will cover this fence....I may never want to put up that cedar fence....hmm...not likely.

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